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News, 12/8/2014 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Migri: A personal identity code can now be applied for at the same time as the residence permit

Foreign nationals may now apply for a Finnish personal identity code at the same time as they apply for their first resident permit.

Previously, a foreign national had to specifically ask for registration at a local register office after they had obtained their first residence permit issued by the Finnish Immigration Service or the police.

Amendments to the legislation on registration of foreign nationals entered into force on 1 March 2014, and the reformed application procedure was completed in No-vember 2014.

Personal identity code
makes life easier

When a personal identity code is obtained together with the residence permit, con-ducting one’s affairs in Finland becomes easier.

From an authority’s perspective, a personal identity code facilitates the handling of a certain person’s matters. A personal identity code makes it easier to find a person in the register; it does not matter if a person’s name changes or its spelling varies.

The applicant must remember
to ask to be registered

A foreign national may ask to be registered in the Population Information System when applying for a residence permit or residence card. A personal identity code is issued only to those who receive a positive decision.

The legislative amendment also applies to asylum seekers who are issued with a residence permit and to EU citizens whose right of residence is registered.

Changes to forms
and e-services

The reform gives the Finnish Immigration Service and the police the right to register people in the Population Information System.

This brings changes to application forms and the e-services of the Finnish Immigra-tion Service. During the summer and autumn, the agency has made changes to its systems and trained employees and other authorities who are affected by this change.

The new registration practice will be adopted at the beginning of December 2014.

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Updated 12/8/2014

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