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News, 10/5/2018

Kaurismäki retrospective and Tom of Finland movie premiere in Singapore

Tom of Finland

On 11 October, Tom of Finland starts Finnish Film Festival 2018 at the legendary movie theatre the Projector. Finnish Film Festival shows fourteen movies during two weekends, including many movies from the famous Finnish film director Aki Kaurismäki.

Finnish Film Festival is held for the second time in Singapore on 11–21 October. Diverse selection of Finnish movies helps to understand the film scene of Finland.

"Finns are progressive, inclusive, and most importantly, fun, as you will experience in some of the contemporary films we are presenting," tells the Ambassador of Finland Paula Parviainen.

The Embassy of Finland organizes Finnish Film Festival in collaboration with the Projector, the Singapore Film Society and SF100SG Movie team.

"I'm sure that our Finnish Film Festival this year will enrich our mutual appreciation, discourse, collaboration and friendship," says the Chairman of Singapore Film Society Kenneth Tan.

Tom of Finland opens Finnish Film Festival

At the opening of Finnish Film Festival, Tom of Finland gets its premiere in Singapore. The movie tells about Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen AKA Tom of Finland at a time when the gay community was still publicly persecuted. Touko Laaksonen broke boundaries with his precariously explicit illustrations - a defiant stance that empowered a new generation of gay individuals to stand up and celebrate who they are.

Prior to Singapore, Tom of Finland has been seen in many film festivals in Asia, including Busan International Film Festival (South Korea), QCinema International Film Festival (the Philippines) and Tokyo Northern Lights Festival (Japan). According to the Finnish Film Foundation, Tom of Finland was one of their most distributed movies in different festivals in 2017. The movie was shown in over 60 film festivals.

From "Kaurismäki" retrospective to contemporary films

Le Havre, Le Havre, Le Havre, Le Havre

The main theme for this year's Finnish Film Festival is the "Kaurismäki" retrospective. There will be six movies from the famous Finnish film director Aki Kaurismäki, including award-winning masterpieces The Man without a Past and Le Havre. Many of these movies are screened for the first time in Singapore.

In addition to films directed by Kaurismäki, there are many contemporary Finnish films and children's movies. For example, the Moomin characters originating from Finland have adventures in Moomins and the Winter Wonderland. The Moomin stories have been translated into over 50 different languages.

Finnish Film Festival 2018: Film schedule and tickets

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Updated 10/5/2018

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