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Registrations in the Population Register Centre

All Finnish citizens living abroad have the duty to inform and update the Register Centres in Finland of all amendments and changes regarding their personal details. These include children born abroad, marriage, change of name, change of address etc.

The e-services of the Finnish Immigration Service have expanded to cover all citizenship declarations. Even if you submit your application online, you and any children in your care will have to visit the Finnish embassy or the police. This is necessary in order for you to verify your identity and to present the original copies of supplements needed for your application.

The online forms and information about legalization:

Notification of a citizen born outside of Finland

Change of address notification form for a person living abroad

Birth of a child

The birth of a Finnish citizen born in Singapore can be registered to the Finnish Population Information System by filling in a birth notification form online and bringing a legalized copy to the Embassy of Finland. A legalized copy of the birth certificate is to be attached to the notification. A certified copy of the birth certificate is not sufficient. Registration of the birth needs to be done personally. Furthermore, it is necessary to bring along the passports and the Singapore employment or residence permits of both parents. A passport can be applied for a child after the birth is registered in Finland.

Singaporean authorities normally require that a passport of the child is presented before Immigration and Checkpoint Authority within 42 days of birth for issuing a dependant’s pass to a child.

 Notification of a citizen born outside of Finland

Legalization of documents

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Updated 6/12/2014

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